A Distant Miracle

A Distant Miracle

The Distant Light Series Book 2
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When an unimaginable loss shakes a young woman to her core, will she be strong enough to push through it for the sake of her unborn child or buckle under the weight of it all?

Catherine Benton is drowning in grief. It seems like yesterday when she and her husband were anticipating the birth of their first child. But when her spouse dies all her hopes and dreams suddenly go up in smoke.

Desperate to concentrate her efforts on raising and providing for her son, she dedicates herself to his upbringing at the expense of her happiness. But after years of forsaking anything resembling a love life, her friends urge her to meet a handsome eligible bachelor who has moved to Nantucket.

Torn between a deep-down desire to find love again and not wanting to jeopardize the bond she has forged with her son, she resists their efforts.

Will her plan to avoid the eligible bachelor be successful? And if not, how will her son react when the man vies for his mother's affection?

A Distant Miracle is the incredible second novel in The Distant Light women's fiction series. If you enjoy real-life dilemmas, second chances, and an element of mystery, you'll love Lorraine Solheim's captivating tale.

Read A Distant Miracle and discover why readers have fallen in love with this series.

288 pages | $4.99 USD | March 8, 2022