A Distant Dream
A Distant Dream

A Distant Dream

The Distant Light 3
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Life-changing events. A desire to shield those we love from misery. Will a mother of three find the strength to guide her friends and family through unchartered waters, or will she fall victim to the enormity of it all?

Catherine Chandler's head is spinning. A proud mother of three, two still in diapers and one in elementary school, she already has big dreams for their futures. But when her first-born's teacher calls with news that the straight-A student's grades have plummeted, she struggles to make sense of it all.

Desperate to find the cause of such a reversal at school, she is also faced with how to guide her two best friends through unchartered waters.

With one involved in what Catherine sees as a relationship sure to break her friend's heart and the other facing the inevitable slowdown in her sunsetting years, she struggles with juggling all that life has presented.

When things reach a fever pitch, will she be strong enough to be there when those she loves need her most? Or will she be forced to back away in order to save her sanity?

A Distant Dream is the stunning conclusion in The Distant Light women's fiction series. If you enjoy real-life conflict and a woman's desire to be there for those she loves, you'll love Lorraine Solheim's riveting tale.

Read A Distant Dream and discover why readers have fallen in love with this series.

234 pages | $4.99 USD | 979-8985245356 | September 9, 2022